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Start Your Own Cloud Kitchen
Compelling plan of action to earn Incremental sale / Additional Profit from a New line of business venture using your already invested real estate, Kitchen equipments and man power . Start up Multiple Cloud kitchen brands from your kitchen with hustlers hospitality, the best restaurant franchise in India today.
Choose the restaurant concept’s & Cuisines that can be possibly done with the kitchen equipments you have in the kitchen already. We help you with aggregator onboarding (Zomato, Swiggy, Dunzo etc.. ). Plug our brands in your kitchen & Let’s Get Started in 30 days !!!

How to grow a franchise business?

  • Take Leverage of Existing staff and Equipments in your kitchen.
  • Thorough staff training will be provided
  • Simply follow standard operating procedures & Kitchen sticky Notes provided by hustlers hospitality.
  • Get ready to generate additional profits from already invested re-estate.
When done accurately, we know that online ordering can be very profitable for restaurants. At Hustlers Hospitality, we’ve spent a lot of time in researching and testing better ways to maximize the profitability of delivery-only brands through right menu placement, combo deals, offers, review management, creative packaging, CPC ads etc..
With our in-house brands & respective recipe standardisation of all brands menu items, we intend to help thousands of struggling restaurant brands nationwide to profit from online ordering.

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Director's Message

krunal oza
Your eligible as a partner if you have :
  • Under-Utilised kitchen space with equipments.
  • Manpower – Chefs & helpers.
  • Some one who has ” Never Quit” Mindset
Why Partner with Hustlers Cloudkitchen brands ?
  1. No Extra Rent- Same rent, your already paying currently.
  2. No Extra Salary – Same Labour – Your labour wont ask for a increment in salary, Nor you need more staff to start with more Cloud kitchen brands.
  3. No Extra Equipments – You can literally use the Same Equipments.

If you feel you fit in our requirement & are considering to
be my partner to have an incremental / additional revenue from a new line of business here is my personal Email address, write to me at
or Whats App us at +91 83558 42620.

Grow with Hustlers Hospitality

Yes we will assist as how can you run cloud kitchen brands from your current restaurant. Looking at your equipment’s we shall suggest you which hustlers brand will suit your kitchen the best, post sign up we help you get on board on food delivery apps, and also train your chef’s on recipe standardisation of Hustlers brands.

To decide whether it makes sense to become a Hustlers Hospitality Cloud Kitchen Growth Hack Partner we need you to know whether you have excess capacity. In other words, do you have downtime when your staff isn’t as busy as you would like them to be ? Can they handle more orders? If they can then partnering with cloudkitchen brands will act as a incremental revenue stream for your business.
If you have basic equipments like Induction/ Gas burner , Fryer, Microwave & Refrigeration. If you have these equipments you are probably eligible to become a Hustlers Hospitality Cloud Kitchen Growth Hack Partner. Extra equipments are needed only if you choose brands that demands for a equipment you dont have.. for example, if you choose Waffle & pancake dessert brands, you need to buy waffle and pancake machine with a separate cost to fulfil orders of those brands. OBVIOUSLY !!!
Partnering with us  means more orders and revenue every day guaranteed . If your currently not achieving your desired sales out of your restaurant & If you to grow revenue, then lets Growth Hack !! .
Many restaurateur’s wrongly assume that online ordering is too expensive because of delivery commissions of aggregator apps . 
Think about online ordering as additional revenue from a new line of Cloud kitchen business, this order’s are add-on’s to your current business. 
Each brand concept will earn you, on average, between 25,000 to 35,000 per month.
Multi cuisine Multi brand Cloudkitchen Franchise

Here's How It Works:

You already pay for Rent, Equipment and staff salaries regardless, whether or not you become a Hustlers Hospitality Cloud Kitchen Growth Hack Partner; so we can subtract those expenses when we calculate the potential profitability of a new income stream. To determine the profitability Cloud Kitchen brands, the only costs we need to include are the additional costs of food and deliver app’s commissions 
Let’s figure out the potential profit of being a part of Hustlers Hospitality Cloud Kitchen – Growth Hack Partner.
How Huslters Works

Minimum Investment

That’s right. Unlike traditional franchise agreements, becoming a Hustlers Hospitality partner requires no heavy fees.
To make sure the partners are serious, we charge a one time setup and onboarding fee per food concept category.
The amount of profits you earn will depend on how many Hustlers Hospitality concepts you sign up for.
Each concept will earn you, on average, between 20,000 to 25,000 per month.

Qualifying Growth Hack Partner Restaurants
Get Support :

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Ready To Get Started ?

Hustlers Hospitality is the Fastest growing CloudKitchen company in India, if you act quickly you can get the restaurant concepts of your wish in your area.
We have limited availability in major cities and in order to qualify you must currently operate a Commercial kitchen / Restaurant with underutilised kitchen.
Food Service market size Info

Market Size & Opportunity

Cloud Kitchen owns the biggest share of online food delivery market in india.
Quickly start up multiple cloud kitchen brands from your currently operating kitchen / restaurant with our turnkey multibrand cloud restaurant solutions!
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