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With our 36+ virtual kitchen brands, we serve our audiences with different needs, tastes, and preferences.
Our menus are designed by keeping in mind the diverse food cultures across the world.


Indian Cuisine brands - Hi Oh Rabba Menu
PREMIUM BRANDS - Aflatoon Biryani
PREMIUM BRANDS - Dildar Paratha
PREMIUM BRANDS - Your Office Canteen
Khichdi Brands - United Khichdi Menu
Upcoming QSR Brands - Subramanium
PREMIUM BRANDS - Senorita Margherita
Burger & Fries Brands - El Duderino Burger
PREMIUM BRANDS - NewYork Sandwich
PREMIUM BRANDS - Vegetarian Vibe
PREMIUM BRANDS - Pancake Station
PREMIUM BRANDS - Shake it Chicago
Hola Hola Waffle logo
Just Baked Logo
OTHER BRANDS - Happy cow
OTHER BRANDS - Angry Momos
Pizza Brands - Pop Star Pizza Menu
OTHER BRANDS - Rutba-E-Biryani
Other Brands - Yenna Rascala Mind it
The spud logo-min
OTHER BRANDS - Better Batter Logo
le un pancake logo 05-min

Upcoming QSR Brands

Upcoming QSR Brands - The Sandwizone
Upcoming QSR Brands - Subramanium
QSR Brands - Mithi Bai Vadapav
PREMIUM BRANDS - Pancake Station
Upcoming QSR Brands - Bundobust
Upcoming QSR Brands - Abra Ka Dabra

Home baker :

Work from Home – Brand Franchisee designed especially for Home Makers & Aspiring Home Bakers 
Just Baked Logo

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Pizza Brands

Pizza Brands - Pop Star
Pizza Brands - Senorita Margherita

Biryani Brands

Biryani Brands - Aflatoon Biryani Menu
Biryani Brands - Rutba-E-Biryani Menu

Indian Cuisine brands

Indian Cuisine brands - Your Office Canteen Menu
HA OHH Rabba Menu

Paratha Brands

Paratha Brands - Gabru Jawan Menu

Sandwich Brands

Sandwich Brands - NewYork Sandwich Menu
Sandwich Brands - The Sandwizone Menu

Burger & Fries Brands

EL Duderino Burger Menu
Burger & Fries Brands -The Spud Fries Menu

Chinese Brands

Chinese Brands - Chop Chop Square Menu
Chinese Brands - Chin Ease Menu

Momo Brands

Momo Brands - Angry Momos Menu
Momo Brands - The Monk Momos

Khichdi Brands

Khichdi Brands - United Khichdi
Khichdi Brands - Tadka Khichdi

Dessert :

Waffle Brands

Waffle Brands - Hola Hola Waffle Menu
Waffle Brands -Better Batter Menu

Pancake Brands

Pancake Brands - Le Un Pancake
Pancake Brands - Pankcake Station Menu

Churros Brands

Churros Brands - OMG Churros Menu
Churros Brands - La Churros Menu

Milkshake Brands

Milkshake Brands - Happy Cow Menu
Milkshake Brands - Shake it Chicago


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Having a portfolio of brands, we can offer products with unique concept and experiences, provide customers with a diversity of choices and target particular audiences and create a niche

Not really, if the kitchen manager & head chef is trained properly on the products offered and packaging of each brand, technically the raw materials, providing remain the same.

We keep brand live online for trial for 90days,  we invest ahead in marketing for brands which customers are excepting and ordering regularly from . We call them our Hero Brands.

YES !! Without a real time store front, packaging of a cloud kitchen plays a integral role …the entire idea to create multiple brands is to give a unique and creative experience to the customer ordering from your kitty of multiple brands Cloud kitchen

Leading third party POS system like PetPooja, Urban Piper solves the problem. 
your all orders come under one single dashboard, displaying item name, brand name, order source i:e zomato or swiggy .

Yes to maintain consistent taste, all our brands have a separately drafted SOP books and also kitchen sticky notes for easy reference to working chefs in the kitchen.

Yes as far as all concepts are designed with proprietary unique menu. One parent company can own multiple food brands under one roof

for example :

Brand A – has 1 listing on zomato & 1 listing on swiggy = 2 internet restaurant presence doing an average of 50 orders a day 

adding brand B, brand C , revolving around similar cuisine, where in you can technically use the equipments and staff is a good strategy to increase orders from 50 to 150 per day..

Ohh Yes !!! 
If you feel your take away business isn’t satisfying you, and your staff and equipments are being under utilised, adding few cloud kitchen brands with unique and creative concepts is always a great idea to have incremental revenue.

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