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Our team of chef’s & brand managers design menus that are backed up by data of demography, key word search, menu pricing and food trends. We backend the entire best cloud kitchen franchise menu & fulfil the required raw materials to our restaurant partners.

Pizza Brands

Pizza Brands - Pop Star
Pizza Brands - Senorita Margherita

Biryani Brands

Biryani Brands - Aflatoon Biryani Menu
Biryani Brands - Rutba-E-Biryani Menu

Indian Cuisine brands

Indian Cuisine brands - Your Office Canteen Menu
HA OHH Rabba Menu

Paratha Brands

Paratha Brands - Gabru Jawan Menu

Sandwich Brands

Sandwich Brands - NewYork Sandwich Menu
Sandwich Brands - The Sandwizone Menu

Burger & Fries Brands

EL Duderino Burger Menu
Burger & Fries Brands -The Spud Fries Menu

Chinese Brands

Chinese Brands - Chop Chop Square Menu
Chinese Brands - Chin Ease Menu

Momo Brands

Momo Brands - Angry Momos Menu
Momo Brands - The Monk Momos

Khichdi Brands

Khichdi Brands - United Khichdi
Khichdi Brands - Tadka Khichdi

Dessert :

Waffle Brands

Waffle Brands - Hola Hola Waffle Menu
Waffle Brands -Better Batter Menu

Pancake Brands

Pancake Brands - Le Un Pancake
Pancake Brands - Pankcake Station Menu

Churros Brands

Churros Brands - OMG Churros Menu
Churros Brands - La Churros Menu

Milkshake Brands

Milkshake Brands - Happy Cow Menu
Milkshake Brands - Shake it Chicago

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Capital Investment

Cloudkitchen Investment starting from Rs 2,99,000/-
Setup your cloudkitchen business today !!!

Beginners Cloudkitchen Investment Plan
Bestseller Cloudkitchen Investment
Ultimate Cloudkitchen Investment Plan

Other cash floor required:

  • Refundable deposit of Real Estate.
  • Minimum 3 months of Operational cost.(i.e: Rent, Salaries, Electricity Bill.)
  • A set amount to order Raw materials & packaging.

"Cloud Kitchen
Success Mantra"

Cloud Kitchen Success Mantra

As a cloud kitchen, your real time shop is what people see you as on your own website &  delivery app’s .
A good listing is 

  • With Creative item name
  • Proper description of food item mentioned
  • Attached Professional food photograph
  • On selection – giving varied add-on’s and customisation options to customers

Without any high street visibility, the only way to motivate customers to have real time craving & order from your cloud kitchen brand is showcasing your food items with the best possible presentation.

As a cloud kitchen, your sole marketing strategy initially should be to acquire that one time customer to try your food items. Good offers like 50% upto 100, 60% upto 120, Strike / Flat offers will always motivate the customer to try your products. Once you have a large amount of people trying your food, you can tweak offers to keep retaining them and also attract new customers.

People who buy any services or products online are highly particular about the review and ratings of the brand in any industry . Whether its buying a product on amazon , or booking a hotel on Makemytrip, similarly when a customer orders food on platforms like Zomato & Swiggy checks the ratings of the restaurant before ordering . Good reviews & ratings will definitely attract & always bring in new customers.

KPT – Kitchen preparation time .

To run a successful cloud kitchen, having low kitchen preparation time is extremely important. Customers who prefer to order food online are always looking for fast delivery options available on delivery apps. 
Also if KPT is on the higher side, delivery rider wait time also gets high and chances of they rating your restaurant in the backend also really goes low. 

There is a customer ordering in every hour of the day and night ..having more operational hours online as a cloud kitchen is always a good thing to create more visibilty in your local area. 
Best Suggested operational hours can be Shift 1 – 9:00am – 7:00pm & Shift 2 -7:00pm to 3am

Delivery App’s legally operate entire night and provide food delivery service, so we assume by default a cloud kitchen can operate too.. 
It’s always suggested to take local authority permissions in advance.

Your Food should definitely be of the best quality. 
Good Branded packaging with food grade quality gives a good impression about your brand in front of the customer. Also looking at the packaging customer tends to judge if the brand is a reputed online brand or a road side brand. 

Social media is the new vogue, especially after low cost smart phones and low cost internet services offered in today’s market. 
Customer ideally spends approx 1-3 hours daily on social media platforms, local area digital promotions on instagram and facebook platforms really helps in creating local area awareness about the cloud kitchen brand, which eventually leads to long term brand recall when the same customer visit’s online food delivery apps. Good campaigning, designing of creatives with professional food photoshoot is really important for cloud kitchen’s to become a long term sustainable brand with continuous local area awareness 


Hustlers Hospitality is one of the fastest growing only Delivery restaurant companies in history, if you act quickly you can get opportunity to start hustlers brand at your preferred location.
Hustlers Hospitality’s goal is to make the hustle of Owning a Mulitbrand Cloudkitchen as hassle-free and affordable as possible
To get started, fill the form ASAP 

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